About Me

Hi! I’m Crystal. Thanks for stopping by.

I am married to my favorite water fight target, Jeremy.  We have four boys Logan, Elijah, Cadel, and Wesley.  In our 16 years of marriage, we have moved 10 times all over the country.  My hubby is a pilot, so I guess i’m your typical “pull up your big girl panties and handle it” pilot’s wife.  To balance out all the testosterone around me, I get my girly kick by playing makeup as a freelance makeup artist.  Health and fitness are super important to me, but I need it all to be budget friendly and super easy because, well, life!  I also have a lab/vizsla dog named George, who has stolen my heart.  I started blogging as a way to encourage and bring an authentic outlook on life in a world that often only shows perfection.  I would love if you came and sauntered along this journey with me.